What is the actual EV range ?

What is the actual EV range ?

Before i bought my PHEV i spent a lot of time on the Internet to get a good idea of the actual EV range on the battery. For the first model (2013-2015) it varies between 20 and 50 kilometer with a likely average range of 30 kilometer.

Especially the first days i was very curious about the real range of my car. I expect that the previous owner hardly charged the PHEV and only bought it for the tax benefits.
The displayed range showed large variations, even values higher than 60 km. I never got such a range, but it looked great !

On the first day to my office, a distance of 29 kilometer, i even had a few kilometers left. It is about 80% highway which i drove quietly in the right lane. And i had not yet found the button to turn off the heating/airco.

But mission completed: I could drive fully electric to my most distant work location (the other location is 25km). Charge my car at work and drive back home on electricity only.

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